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    Emelda Ochieng

    Deaf Media Kenya

    Deaf Media Kenya creates information and education media content though the medium of video for the deaf population of Kenya. These videos are produced in Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) in order to enable the deaf community in Kenya to access information they have previously not had access to.


    Deaf Media Kenya carry out video showcases and screenings in social halls in different Counties where they invite deaf people and other persons with disability to view their work.


    Deaf media Kenya upload the created videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter in order to ensure a wider reach, as well as take the videos to rural areas of Kenya to ensure viewing by as wide an audience as possible.


    Deaf Media Kenya ensures that some of their volunteers are from the deaf community, in order to adequately meet the needs of that community.


    The program was started in 2015 and it has 50 direct beneficiaries and over 200 indirect beneficiaries .


    Nicodemus Makau

    Independence of the Disabled Persons of Kenya

    Independence of the Disabled Persons of Kenya (IDPK) is an organization working with people living with a disability in the Mathare area of Nairobi.

    IDPK does its work in a lot of areas including:

    • Community sensitization on rights of people leaving with disability
    • Empowerment of disabled people through entrepreneurial training skills which enable people to stop begging and stat small businesses in their communities for an income.
    • Networking and linking disabled people to government leaders for support and policy change.
    • Mentoring the disabled people and educating them on dangerous diseases like HIV/AIDS.

    IDPK was started by Nicodemus in Sept 2014 and it has 10 direct beneficiaries and more than 80 indirect.


    Beatrice Ndegwa

    One Child One Mentor

    Beatrice is the driver behind One Child One Mentor, a project that helps support street children in Kibera to either reconcile with their families, or provide them a safe place to sleep, eat, and a community of support. One Child One Mentor deals primarily with:

    • Community sensitization on Child care and protection.
    • Family empowerment to prevent the occurrence of Street Children
    • Raising and training mentors for the children
    • Education for children leaving in the streets.

    They do this through

    - Organizing community forums

    - Liasing with police on handling lost children cases

    - Attaching children to community identified mentors

    - Partnering with organizations in community forums.


    It was started in Jan 2015 and it has more than 200 direct and indirect beneficiaries.

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