• The Project

    How it came about

    About Global Partners for Change

    Global Partners for Change is a Tasmanian based, youth run fundraising partnership with Kenya. We work with young Kenyan community leaders and provide them with a reliable income and the resources they need to run innovative community, education and training programs. This empowers positive change from the ground up. We help others help themselves, but most importantly, we ensure every person involved has a sense of self-worth and the inspiration to be the driver of their own development.


    We currently support three amazing Kenyans to run projects in their communities for positive change, and raise money through fundraising events and individual sponsors. Global Partners for Change is a registered charity.


    Our Ethos

    Global Partners for Change (GPC) believes real development must come from social change that is designed and driven locally. The people of Kenya have the ideas, the knowledge and the ability to create development initiatives within their communities- it is simply a lack of resources that is an inhibitor. As technology connects us to the world, we believe that connection can happen in a meaningful way, and that people in Tasmania can be partners in change with people in Kenya.

    Why we do what we do

    There is currently a large gap between the amount of Kenyan people who are highly educated and the amount of jobs that are available for them to step into. There is also a shortfall in the amount of funding available to create jobs in areas where need is the highest. Global Partners for Change aims to help close that gap by collecting small, consistent donations from Australian supporters that enable Kenyan leaders to create and run development initiatives in their own communities. It’s not aid- it’s a global partnership for change.

  • The Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Felix Mutisya

    Project Manager- Kenya

    Felix is the Project Manager of Global Partners for Change. Felix lives and woks in Nairobi and specializes in IT. When he's not supporting the Global Partners in their work, Felix runs development workshops to help people learn IT, especially leaders of Nairobi's various Counties.

    Eva Mackinley

    Managing Director- Australia

    Eva has spent the last 10 years working in the social change space, in fundraising, campaigning, environment and development. Since starting Global Partners for Change, Eva has been lucky enough to travel to Kenya thee times to get to know the country and the wonderful people within in.

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